Thursday, June 16, 2011

Memorial Weekend

What was supposed to be just me and Irwin visiting family, turned into a mini family reunion/Richie's belated Graduation party. It was so much fun catching up with friends and family, especially ones I hadn't seen in a while, and seeing my cousin's baby, Kaelan. Seeing the little ones is always fun, my god daughter Mia is a crazy little girl but I love her to pieces. And of course the food. Pamela took me back to our old stomping grounds from high school, Cortina's. The BEST Italian food ever. I crave it everyday. And at the request of my cousins, I made Richie's graduation cupcakes, Strawberry Cream in either Vanilla or Chocolate. And then with my parent's Filipino breakfast every morning, I probably gained about 10 pounds that weekend. But I ended the vacation with a small bout of food poisoning.. and went back to normal.

Can't wait to go back! I miss the kiddies already.

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  1. Your kids are tooo cute and I like the outfits in the first foto!