Sunday, March 13, 2011

Messy Side Braid Pony Thing

H&M trench and jeans, Banana Republic sweater

Wore this outfit on Wednesday. I had almost forgotten about these boots, but this on/off rainy weather reminded me to use them. My hair is also semi long enough to put in a weird, messy, side braid/ponytail thing. I liked it. The boyfriend did too. Sometimes I get lucky when I play around with my hair in the morning.


  1. love the outfit! I just bought myself a trench from ASOS and I'm waiting impatiently for it :) I want a tutorial from you on how to do that messy side braid, lol

  2. thanks chica! I love this trench, so light and perfect for the rain.

    Will work on that tutorial for you :-)

  3. have the same trench =) loves it! perfect for the weather in dc right now