Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Pretty...

Memorial weekend was great because the weather was gorgeous and there was much food to be had. Went to a couple BBQ's and had an impromptu backyard BBQ because going to Napa on Sunday was ridiculous. Le boyfriend's mom and I created this wonderful concoction made of a little bit of muscato, sparkling water, and pureed watermelon. The fizz was just lovely when the watermelon was poured in, and it was such a refreshing drink on a warm day. Much better than the margarita we were both craving. We call it, the ZenTess (a combination of both our names).

Then I made a cake, an Angel Lush cake to be exact. First I made a batch for my friend Kat's birthday last week, and when I realized how easy and quick it was, I decided to make another one for a potluck at work. I figured fruity is the way to go since summer is just around the corner. Plus, I was dying to try a new dessert recipe.