Friday, August 6, 2010

business and pleasure

had to go to LA for a quick work trip, stayed with the fam, enjoyed the fam, the food, the heat, and the dogs.
- took a picture of the toy soldiers my manager thought would look cool on the dashboard. amazing that it didn't melt in the hundred degree weather.
- my brother's dog Pika likes to sit behind your neck in the car, it was awkward at first, but she was so cute I tried my best not to move or bother her - she caught me mid-smile.
- my brother refuses to take a decent picture with me.
- Pika sitting on my brother's lap in the car. she falls asleep so fast.
- Venice beach at sunset.


  1. good times!!! pika is soo cute, how does she get along with mochi?

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  3. crap, i deleted my original comment, lol. what i had said was that the last pic is beautiful! and that is one unbelievably cute dog :)

  4. Mochi pretty much hates Pika at the moment.. Pika's too playful for her lol

    and thanks Rizzamay!!