Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hawaii Photo Diary pt. III

what's a vacation without stuffing my face? A few favorites (most of these pics were taken with Irwin's iphone4) - squid pancake from some hole in the wall japanese spot, fresh poke and wasabi poke from Ono Seafood, iced matcha green tea latte with a green tea macaroon, Irwin's failed attempt at eating the Man vs Food pancake from Mac 24/7, seared furikake ahi tuna (best fish I've ever eaten in my life), a dutch baby from The Original Pancake House (will attempt to make this next week), chocolate souffle from Roy's (I think there was too much hype for this place, kinda disappointing), japanese style "cupcakes" from Satura (just found out there's one in Palo Alto. sorry Sprinkles, I'm gonna have to get to you later), waiting at Roy's freshly tanned, what I wish I was doing right now.. cuz my tan has pretty much disappeared. le sigh.

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