Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look: Not Too Shabby

Shabby Apple dress, f21 belt and earrings, Aldo shoes and bag

This post is loooong over due. I won this gorgeous Shabby Apple dress about a month ago from a contest hosted by the lovely ladies at AsianCajuns. I fell in love with the color and frilly drapes across the chest. It's so classy yet modern, and the material is so soft! It also reminded me that I do own something other than boots, so I busted out my peep toe pumps last worn on my birthday. Irwin says this dress looks like a Maria Clara dress because of the sleeves. I think this is better.


  1. you look beautiful! the dress is so lovely, congrats on winning it :) overall, great ensemble.

    p.s. 1st pic up to - soooo alicia keys, lol. it still gets to me how much you look like her!

  2. thank you ladies!

    @Rissamay, ur so funny lol

  3. You look soooo amazing!!!! I'm so tempted to buy one for myself. Congrats again :)

  4. oooh love the yellow on you, totally suits!
    also the sequiny touch onthe shoes is great.
    you are gorgeous!


  5. wow, love the colours of these photos!
    so jealous, i haven't won anything yet :( haha