Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Janelle's Bridal Shower

Last (last) weekend was Janelle's surprise Bachelorette as well as her Bridal shower. It was definitely worth all the stress of getting it together to see the look on her face as her sister brought her to Bliss at the W downtown. I forgot to take pictures of the inside, but it was fairly small as they were still renovating. But the best part of waiting for our facials (besides the sauna), was the unlimited brownie bar in the lounge area. I probably ate 5 million brownies, and a double the amount of these sesame/nut crackers. The facial was AH-mazing, and all of us walked back into the locker room looking sleepy eyed with a stupid grin on our faces. Afterwards, we went to Roy's which was just down the block for some yummy Hawaiian food. We ended the night early since we all had to get together for the bridal shower the next day.

The bridal shower was fun, it was tea-party themed, and everyone participated in a couple games and won some prizes. And of course, we got to spend some time with the bride-to-be :-)

_bachelorette party favors I put together for the bridal party - stuck to the theme of spa things like a sleep mask (SO comfy), aromatherapy candles, stress relief body wash, crystal nail file, aromatherapy lotion, and anti-bacterial stuff, all from Bath and Body works, and these cute little buttons I picked up at Michaels
_the bridal party at Roy's
_the hoodie I got for Janelle, it looked so cute on her!
_the toilet paper wedding dress models (the second dress won)
_bonding with Janelle
_the FOOD! (Thanks for the pics Jo!) - chocolate chocolate chip cookies, assorted cupcakes, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, bacon and egg (I think?) sandwiches, spinach filled pastry puffs, the cake pops I made for Joreen that she decided to share with everyone else, scones, and of course, tea. ^_^

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