Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Julie and Julia

WOW. I've been gone for a while haven't I? I've been busy, busy, busy, at work and on the weekends and when I get home the very LAST thing I want to do is go back to the computer. And when I FINALLY had some down time.. all my favorite shows came back!

But over the weekend, I watched Julie and Julia, and am now on this craze to blog and cook/bake. Am in dire need of Bakerella's book, Hisako Ogita's Macaron book, and of course, Julia Child's French Cook book. Mmmmmm butter and sweet, cake pop goodness. Speaking of the movie, it's on right now and can't seem to change the channel even though I know Glee is on. Crazy.

Anyway. I have a bunch of pictures to upload, and these are a few that I found I had missed from my previous posts.

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