Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Diary: Labor Day Weekend @ Lake Tahoe

I had intended to go to So Cal for Labor Day Weekend, but that ended up not happening, so I managed to convince some friends to go to Lake Tahoe since the weather was gorgeous. Let's just say it was.. an epic weekend. I'm not allowed to say/show what happened, but we had a lot of good food, the company was great, and the weather was perfect. Minus my sunburn, it was a great holiday weekend.

_The guys were eager to fish, and we somehow stumbled upon this pond... beautiful, but no fish
_Kiki fishing with her Disney Princess fishing pole
_Justin feeding a squirrel
_Kiki, my new bff
_The best breakfast - prepared by the men
_End of fishing - caught a total of 14 fish? They were pulling them out of the water every 5 minutes so they were ridiculously happy
_tanning at the beginning of the day - ended with a bad sunburn, but at least no tanlines
_Justin prepping the fish, and the final product. Y U M.

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